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The different exploration missions came back with a wealth of material from the National Parks. The research of this material has been published in a series of books related to each National Park and the mission. Today it gives a very good impression of the biodiversity present at that era in the National Parks.

All publications have been digitalised and can be consulted on this site. Most files can also be searched on content. If you have any question regarding a volume, do not hesitate to contact the Webmaster.

Folder Exploration of National Park Albert
Folder Exploration of Garamba National Park
Folder Exploration of Upemba National Park
Folder Exploration of Kagera National Park
Folder Exploration du Parc National Albert et du Parc National de la Kagera
Folder Hydrobiological exploration of the Tanganika lake (1946-1947)
PDF 1937 :Les parcs nationaux et la protection de la nature/ De nationale parken en de natuurbescherming Download